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The California HPV Vaccination Roundtable, established on October 30, 2018, is a coalition of diverse stakeholders with a mission to work together to prevent HPV-associated cancers and pre-cancers by increasing the California HPV vaccination rate to 80% by 2026.



Every year in the United States, HPV causes 33,700 cases of cancer in men and women. 3,544 of those are in California. Fortunately, we can prevent over 90% of HPV cancers with the HPV vaccine! The HPV vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine that helps prevent six cancers, yet HPV vaccination rates lag behind those of other preteen vaccines. In California, 72% of adolescents have started the series, but only 53% have completed it, according to the National Immunization Survey-Teen.



We can do better! The California HPV Vaccination Roundtable was formed in October 2018 to inspire collective action to prevent HPV cancers by increasing HPV vaccination rates in California.



The founding members of the California HPV Vaccination Roundtable are the American Cancer Society and the California Dialogue on Cancer. Our members represent diverse sectors including immunization, cancer control, academia, professional societies, community organizations, state and local agencies, private foundations, and health systems. The Roundtable is led by an active Steering Committee of medical experts and academic professionals. Meet our members.

The Work of the Roundtable:


The Roundtable serves as a catalyst to stimulate work on key HPV vaccination issues. Our primary focus is on increasing HPV vaccination among the recommended age group (ages 11-12). Our work is guided by the evidence-base for increasing HPV vaccination rates.


The Steering Committee oversees four workgroups representing our priority areas:


1) Strengthening Provider Recommendations
2) Engaging Health Systems/ Systems Partnerships
3) Increasing Parental and Community Knowledge
4) Using and Improving HPV Vaccination Data

HPV vaccination is cancer prevention. Together, we can protect California families from HPV cancers!