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Join Us for California HPV Vaccine Week August 5-10, 2019!

The back-to-school season is a natural time for families to catch up on their immunizations. That’s why August is a great time for organizations to raise awareness among parents and the public about HPV vaccination as cancer prevention.


Our call to action is simple: During the week of August 5-10, utilize this suggested content to communicate with your constituents about the importance of HPV vaccination.


We’ve provided suggested content developed by partner organizations and CA HPV Vaccination Roundtable members that include social media posts, sharable images, and copy that can be used on websites, newsletters, and blogs. Whether you do a little or a lot, please help us track efforts by using #CaliforniaHPVfree and #caHPVvaxweek on social media. We would love to hear from you! Email us about your organization’s activities at info@cahpvroundtable.org.


We appreciate your support of California HPV Vaccine Week. Together, we will protect California families from  HPV cancers!


This social media content was adapted from the American Cancer Society Campaign Resource Guide for ACS Partners, AAP Social Media Toolkit, National Vaccine Program (CDC) HPV Vaccine Promotional Toolkit, and California Department of Public Health Preteen Vaccine Week Toolkit. Suggested social media posts are formatted for Twitter, but can be used/adapted for Facebook or Instagram.


How you can help promote California HPV Vaccine Week:

  • On Monday, August 5th, post the organizational support post
  • On Tuesday-Saturday (August 6-10), choose from the other suggested posts (image posts, video posts, other posts)
  • We encourage you to customize the suggested social media posts to your target audience. Include/ replace informational links with your own organization’s information on HPV vaccination (if applicable)
  • Please be sure to carefully monitor social media accounts when posting about immunization, given the possibility of negative comments.
  • Please include our hashtags in all posts: #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek
  • Want more ways to promote California HPV Vaccine Week? See the ideas and resources at the bottom of the page.

Save campaign social media images– click to open image and right click to save image


Monday, August 5th- Organizational Support Post:

On Monday, August 5th , we are asking supporters to post this message:


[Name of Organization] supports California HPV Vaccine Week. Put the #hpvvaccine on your child’s back-to-school checklist. It helps prevent 6 HPV cancers. The HPV vaccine is #cancerprevention! https://www.cancer.org/HPV  #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek #backtoschool


{use campaign image- see above}

Tuesday – Saturday (August 6-10): Choose from image posts, video posts, other posts

Image Posts:

CA HPV Vaccine Week Image

(download above)


Suggested Social Media Posts for CA HPV Vaccine Week Image


  • Back2School = Time2Vax! Ask for the #HPVvaccine at your child’s back-to-school doctor visit. Get the facts before you go at https://www.cancer.org/HPV. #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek #backtoschool


  • Summer’s winding down, but #cancer prevention is revving up! Make sure your 11- and 12-year- old boy or girl gets the #HPVvaccine. #backtoschool #CaliforniaHPVfree https://www.cancer.org/HPV


  • Parents: Want to learn more about the #HPVvaccine? Get the facts about #HPV #cancer prevention at https://www.cancer.org/HPV #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek #backtoschool

CDC Image


Download the English image:
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Download the Spanish image:
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Suggested Social Media Posts for CDC Image


  • HPVFact: #HPV vaccination is #cancerprevention. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common infection that can cause six types of cancer. Learn more: www.cdc.gov/hpv #EndHPVCancers #caHPVvaxweek #CaliforniaHPVfree


  • HPVFact: HPV vaccination is recommended for girls and boys at ages 11-12 and best completed by age 13. Get all the facts about #HPV #cancer prevention at www.cdc.gov/hpv #EndHPVCancers #caHPVvaxweek #CaliforniaHPVfree

Video Posts:


Tip: make sure to insert a space before the video link when posting, to ensure that a thumbnail image of the video populates in the post.

  • Parents: Want to protect your kids from 6 cancers? Get the #HPVvaccine at your child’s next doctor visit. Watch to learn more. #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek https://vimeo.com/311807459


  • There’s no vaccine for preteen drama, but luckily there is one to protect boys and girls against HPV cancers. #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek #backtoschool https://youtu.be/19hQ1lSg6O0

(Spanish video available at https://youtu.be/1Ni365eC5Zs)


  • Has your preteen received the #HPVvaccine? Make an appointment with your child’s doctor today to protect your preteen from #HPV cancers tomorrow. #caHPVvaxweek #CaliforniaHPVfree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arn_20GB3BU


  • #HPV oropharyngeal or throat cancer is now the #1 HPV cancer. Survivor Mike West shares his story and encourages parents to learn more about the #HPVvaccine. #CaliforniaHPVfree http://bit.ly/hpvandme-survivor

Other Posts:


  • Don’t wait to vaccinate! Doctors say it’s #Time2Vax boys and girls with the #HPV vaccine at age 11 or 12. #Cancer protection decreases as age at vaccination increases. http://bit.ly/dontwaitvax #CaliforniaHPVfree #caHPVvaxweek


  • The #HPVvaccine is cancer prevention. Get all the facts. Ask your doctor. Protect your #children. https://www.cancer.org/HPV #HPVCancerFree #caHPVvaxweek


  • #HPV oropharyngeal cancer is the #1 HPV cancer. Survivor Mike West shares his story encouraging parents to learn about the #HPVvaccine http://bit.ly/hpvandme-mikewest
    #endcancer #vaccineswork #caHPVvaxweek #throatcancer #hpvandme

Want to do more messaging?

  • Use our web banners to feature the importance of HPV vaccination on your website (click to open image and right-click to save image)







Thank you for working toward an HPV cancer free California!